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Phosa Manufacturing has been building Mobile occupational health units since 2002. It has enabled Occupational Health doctors and nurses to take the clinic to the client. Which means less man hours down.
The Mobile occupational health unit has a Work top, examination couch, Air-conditioner and single or double Audiometric booths. We have manufactured Mobile units with Diagnostic Audiometric Booths for several Institutions which means treatment and Diagnostic ear testing is not limited to major towns but to rural areas as well.
We can custom build any Medical Mobile unit example: TB Testing Mobile unit, VCT Counselling Mobile unit, Primary Health care Mobile unit, Circumcision Mobile Unit, Mobile X-Ray unit.
Phosa Manufacturing can build a Mobile occupational health unit in 8-10 working days which enables clients to start operating in a matter of days. Clients that might use Mobile occupational health units in areas with limited or no power can request an optional extra generator which provides power for the entire mobile unit.
Due to our streamline design any 2L Vehicle can tow the Mobile occupational health units with ease.
We have obtained our Manufacturer/Imported/Builder (MIB) Certification through the NRCS (National Regulatory of Compulsory Specifications) which enables us to do everything in house this means more affordable Mobile occupational health units.
Supplying the Mobile occupational health unit with all the equipment has made us a company that can assist with turnkey projects.
We can custom build Trailers from 750-3500Kg.
With the MIB Certification Phosa Manufacturing can convert panel vans to become Mobile Occupational health unit – with Work top, examination couch, Air-conditioner and Audiometric booths.


Phosa Manufacturing can supply you with a Screening or Diagnostic Audiometric Booth that complies to the SANS Standards. We use Hipertec wall sound panels to manufacture our Booth’s and we have found it to be a very reliable product when it comes to building sound enclosures.
We offer expert service, advice and affordable prices to our clients.
Our company strives to continually improve our service and decades of experience make us a leader in the market.
No job is too small or too large – put us to the test.

I wish you the best of luck with your business, enjoy the adventure.

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