If you’re looking for fully compliant Audiometric Booths or Audiometry Rooms, the team at M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and recommend the most suitable installation for your location.


We offer a range of audio booths and sophisticated audiometers to complement them, providing a comprehensive solution whether you’re looking for a static installation or a mobile unit. Our reputation for quality and cost-effective products makes us the first choice for medical supplies in South Africa for a wide number of clients – including clinics, hospitals and on-site occupational screening facilities.


Our audio booths provide a completely controlled setting for screening with an audiometer – allowing you to conduct hearing tests in a properly insulated environment. You’ll find more details on our range of audiometers on this page, or just ask and one of our specialists can answer any questions you have.


Our audiometric booths meet all current legislation regarding the filtering of background noise, and we’re confident that we offer some of the most cost-effective booths.

We also manufacture Mobile Occupational Clinics, incorporating audiology booths and ample workspace for a host of other occupational testing equipment, such as spirometers and vision screeners. Follow the links to our audiometric booths or contact us today for more information on our range of equipment and medical supplies, one of our team will be happy to help.


Complying to SANS 10182:2006

Acoustic Environment
A room, booth or mobile facility in which audiometric tests are conducted

Audiometric Booth
A totally or partially enclosed structure specially designed to isolate an area from undue outside interference and that is used solely for audiometric purposes

Mobile Audiometric Facility
a facility such as a caravan or a trailer, panel van, Mobile clinic that is specially designed to protect it from undue outside interference and that can be moved to different sites. The facility is used for audiometric purposes

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