At M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales we provide a wide range of occupational health testing equipment and medical supplies in South Africa, offering high-quality spirometers, audiometers and more to clinics, surgeries and organisations who understand that the health and safety of their staff is one of their most valuable resources. From custom-built medical response vehicles to state-of-the art spirometers, we’re confident that our products, services and prices make M&A Medical & Audiometric Sales the first choice for medical supplies in South Africa.


Browse our selection of spirometers below and you’ll find cost-effective equipment designed to combine powerful testing and detailed reporting with ease of use and accessibility. Spirometers are often used for early detection of lung diseases that can include asthma, cystic or pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD can be caused by exposure to harmful gases and pollutants – as well as a result of occupational exposure through mining or welding, or from tobacco smoking. Detecting lung function deficiency with one of our accurate spirometers can be the first step in rehabilitation and recovery through the use of drug therapy, inhalers, smoking cessation etc.


As with all our audiometers and medical supplies in South Africa, our selection of spirometers has been carefully chosen to offer you the very best features and facility at exceptional value for money. The Spirobank II for example is deceptively powerful, offering multi-tasking abilities and an ease of use that makes it a viable choice for family doctors, pharmacies or occupational therapists. Combined with WinspiroPRO, the powerful software that accompanies our spirometers, you can create a bespoke patient card and create a spirometry curve to monitor consecutive lung function tests.


All our spirometers and audiometers are available for on-site installation and calibration, plus we can fully support all our equipment with servicing and repair.

Technical Specification Downloads

Spirobank II Brochure

Spirolab III Brochure


Winspiro Pro Software

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